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Program Overview

Azuga’s partnership with Truckstop offers fleet operators with best-in-class software and safety-driven GPS and Camera solutions.

  • Plug and Play hardware, made in the USA telematics device with a (lifetime warranty)
  • AI DashCam with up to 3 extra cameras  
  • Integrated SafetyCam options
  • Access to Azuga portal 
  • Driver scoring and risk improvement features
  • Driver rewards and gamification platform
  • Driver and fleet manager smartphone app
  • Risk alerts such as speeding and distracted driving
  • Customizable reporting suite
  • Technical Support - 24X7

Improve driver safety.

Identify and reduce risky driver behaviors.. 

Optimize fleet efficiency

Track and schedule routine maintenance, trigger service alerts, monitor fuel efficiency.

View driving activity

Limit distracted driving, alert drivers immediately of risky behaviors, and quickly investigate video evidence in the event of a collision.

Harnesses the power of GPS, vehicle diagnostics, and driver rewards to create a fleet tracking system

Azuga Fleet Overview


Azuga Fleet Mobile

Deploy Azuga FleetMobile and watch driving skills, vehicle care, fuel use and safety improve


Safety Driven Telematics

Integrated GPS technology improves safety for your employees and your fleet.


Driver Scoring & Associated Risk

Driver Score using events detected by the OBDII device can play an effective role in helping fleet managers measure safe driving






+ - How can GPS tracking improve fleet safety? +

A top concern of any good fleet manager is the safety of drivers and passengers. This is why our GPS Fleet Tracking systems help you curb dangerous practices such as speeding and hard braking. You’ll learn when and where your drivers are engaging in dangerous practices, but our help doesn’t stop there. Azuga Coach is an optional training program allowing you to provide customized video training, tailored to each driver’s needs.

+ - How do I get my fleet drivers on board with GPS tracking?

There are two approaches to GPS tracking solutions: reactive and proactive. Most GPS solutions offer a reactive approach, catching drivers in the act, so to speak. This approach often leads to distrust and resentment among drivers. Azuga’s Safe Driver Rewards program is a proactive solution. We score each driver based on their personal driving habits. Drivers have access to this data as well as training solutions to help them improve. We then help you reward good behaviors, offering incentives to the safest drivers on your team. This engages driver techs in a positive way, creating enthusiasm and excitement for the safety program.

+ - Can a Safety Driven Telematics system make my fleet more efficient too?

Fleets who deploy telematics safety solutions want to be able to improve productivity too, and would consider doing that with an increase in safety a win-win.

Operational efficiencies of HVAC Fleets deploying Azuga Fleet Tracking

  • Efficient Routing
  • Decreased Fuel Costs
  • Increased Employee Accountability
  • Improve Safety to keep Vehicle Insurance Affordable
  • Keep up with Vehicle Maintenance
  • Track and Monitor Entire Motor Fleet and Mobile Assets
  • Improved Response Times and Accurate ETAs
  • Improved Customer Service

+ - How can GPS help fleets retain good drivers?

At Azuga, we recognize that good help can be hard to find. Decrease driver turnover and improve employee satisfaction with our Safe Driver Rewards Program. This program turns safety into a game with drivers competing to get the best safe driving score. Safe drivers are rewarded for their good driving habits, while others are encouraged to improve with Azuga Coach training videos. This type of driver recognition can boost morale, help fleets retain good drivers, and improve recruiting too.

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"I can configure Azuga’s fleet tracking software exactly the way I want and get to the information I need quickly and easily."

Courtice Auto Wreckers 

Steve Mihalic

Since implementing Azuga’s vehicle tracking solution and Safety Cameras we have seen an improvement in operational efficiency. The intuitive reports and dashboards give us enhanced visibility into the utilization of our trucks and the behavior of our drivers.

Marlboro Towing

Mike Chilson
General Manager, Marlboro Towing


How Azuga Safety Driven Telematics Works

Benefits for Fleets

Sync the real-time location of all your trucks within Towbook for better decision making.

Integrated Mapping

Know when your truck is In Tow and monitor unauthorized usage

PTO Monitoring & Reporting

Capture and store video footage every time something happens on the back of your trucks.

PTO Triggered Camera Events

Program Resources

Special Benefits to Towers

Why Azuga is the choice of small and enterprise fleets 

Gain instant insights and visibility into your fleet operations, vehicle health and driver safety.

Optimize efficiency. Improve Safety

Improve safety through alerts and quickly investigate risky driving video evidence to prevent accidents.

Get visibility into unsafe driving activity

Retain your best employees, and give those who need a little improvement the incentive they need to raise their game.

Improve safety in a way that’s good for drivers and great for business

Benefits for Fleets

See your Towbook representative for program information and pricing.

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Tim Smith

Account Executive, Smart Fleet powered by Azuga