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Upgrade Your Fleet With Azuga Fleet GPS Tracking Software and Dashcams Starting at $1999 Per Month.

Special Limited offer for Service Roundtable members

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Azuga helps hundreds of SRT members increase Safety & Efficiency

Program Overview

Azuga is pleased to be a Service Roundtable Preferred Vendor and offer members significantly discounted solutions and ongoing rebates. Azuga’s Telematics solution supports best practices and a driver improvement framework. Azuga will leverage its experience as the leading provider of commercial telematics programs to support your safety and operational efforts. The program includes:

  • Plug and Play telematics device with a lifetime warranty
  • Integrated SafetyCam options
  • Access to Azuga portal
  • Driver scoring and risk improvement features
  • Driver rewards and gamification platform
  • Driver and fleet manager smartphone app
  • Risk alerts such as speeding and distracted driving 
  • Customizable reporting suite
  • Technical Support - 24X7

Dispatchers can view real-time vehicle locations, which enables office staff to make quicker and better decisions.

Real-Time Visibility

Service managers can more accurately track when technicians arrive on a job site and when they leave. This data powers custom reports for job costing, and accounting purposes, eliminating hours of report consolidation each week.

Streamlined Reporting

Take advantage of information—such as speeding, hard braking,  cell phone distractions, and service warnings—to keep both drivers and vehicles performing at their best.

Safety-Driven Telematics

Azuga Benefits

Features and Capabilities

  • Monitor and alert risky distracted driving behaviors
  • Reward safe and efficient drivers
  • Relevant driver coaching with real video examples
  • Build mutual trust

Protect your Drivers

Protect Your Business

  • Reduce Insurance premiums and accidents
  • Protect your business against nuclear frivolous lawsuits
  • Keep your employees safe
  • Virtual eye-witness at every scene
  • Real-time vehicle location/status
  • Fleet performance dashboard
  • Fuel usage and fuel card integration
  • Vehicle history trails
  • Occupant recognition
  • Trip tagging and miles per state
  • Find closest driver
  • Geofences/landmarks with alerts

Fleet Operations
Managing fleet and field operations takes a leap forward with Azuga Fleet.

Powerful Reporting
The insights you need for effective fleet
management are at your fingertips.

  • Speeding and fuel usage 
  • Activity summary and trip logs
  • Stop reports and idling
  • Breadcrumb and who was where
  • Geofence entry/exit and landmarks 
  • Driver scores and rewards
  • Driver scores (portal, mobile app)
  • Driver rewards (portal, mobile app)
  • Harsh braking/hard-core breaking
  • Speeding and sudden acceleration
  • Hard cornering
  • Seatbelt usage compliance
  • Excessive idling
  • In-cab alerts for safety events

Driver Behavior and Safety
Building a safety culture becomes much easier with Azuga Fleet score and rewards.

Real-time Alerts
Keep operations under control and
ensure your team is safe and productive.

  • Speeding 
  • Hard braking 
  • Stop time and idle time
  • Unauthorized vehicle usage 
  • Low fuel & low battery 
  • Sudden acceleration 
  • Check engine light
  • Alerts shown on portal and emailed
  • Engine diagnostic reports (DTC codes)
  • Vehicle service entries
  • Maintenance history
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling with alerts

Fleet Health
Azuga Fleet takes the headaches out of fleet maintenance management.

Customer Support
Azuga Fleet’s top-notch support helps deploy smoothly and get successful quickly.

  • On-boarding and account configuration 
  • Web-based training 
  • Toll-free telephone customer support 
  • Online support and knowledge base 
  • Data storage 
  • Custom api integration 
  • Advanced custom data analytics
  • Lifetime warranty on azuga fleet device

"Azuga’s reminders have been a game changer. We are now much more proactive than reactive when it comes to our vehicle performance, such as oil changes and battery deterioration."

HomeWorks Plumbing, Heating & Air

Megan Kroll
Fleet Manager

"We have Azuga running in all our vehicles, while still paying out the rest of our contract with another company. You set the gold standard with price and service."

Acree Plumbing and Air

John Phillips
Service Manager


+ - How can GPS tracking improve fleet safety? +

A top concern of any good fleet manager is the safety of drivers and passengers. This is why our GPS Fleet Tracking systems help you curb dangerous practices such as speeding and hard braking. You’ll learn when and where your drivers are engaging in dangerous practices, but our help doesn’t stop there. Azuga Coach is an optional training program allowing you to provide customized video training, tailored to each driver’s needs.

+ - How do I get my fleet drivers on board with GPS tracking?

There are two approaches to GPS tracking solutions: reactive and proactive. Most GPS solutions offer a reactive approach, catching drivers in the act, so to speak. This approach often leads to distrust and resentment among drivers. Azuga’s Safe Driver Rewards program is a proactive solution. We score each driver based on their personal driving habits. Drivers have access to this data as well as training solutions to help them improve. We then help you reward good behaviors, offering incentives to the safest drivers on your team. This engages driver techs in a positive way, creating enthusiasm and excitement for the safety program.

+ - Can a Safety Driven Telematics system make my fleet more efficient too?

Fleets who deploy telematics safety solutions want to be able to improve productivity too, and would consider doing that with an increase in safety a win-win.

Operational efficiencies of HVAC Fleets deploying Azuga Fleet Tracking

  • Efficient Routing
  • Decreased Fuel Costs
  • Increased Employee Accountability
  • Improve Safety to keep Vehicle Insurance Affordable
  • Keep up with Vehicle Maintenance
  • Track and Monitor Entire Motor Fleet and Mobile Assets
  • Improved Response Times and Accurate ETAs
  • Improved Customer Service

+ - How can GPS help fleets retain good drivers?

At Azuga, we recognize that good help can be hard to find. Decrease driver turnover and improve employee satisfaction with our Safe Driver Rewards Program. This program turns safety into a game with drivers competing to get the best safe driving score. Safe drivers are rewarded for their good driving habits, while others are encouraged to improve with Azuga Coach training videos. This type of driver recognition can boost morale, help fleets retain good drivers, and improve recruiting too.

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How Azuga Safety Driven Telematics Works

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 Ty Lambert

Account Executive, Smart Fleet powered by Azuga